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I have been working in Real Estate since 1997. I have bought, sold, built, and renovated. I have the experience and knowledge to help you find your dream home, starter home, condo or investment property. Are you ready to get ahead financially through real estate and take advantage of market trends? 



Let's start by talking about my 

"Collaborative Marketing System." 

All information is open book. See the facts, and statical information to help you get your home sold fast for top dollar!

 Let's talk about commission, costs, profits and  all the details and see exactly what those numbers are. 

Condos, Investment?


Condos are a great investment and projected to go up in value as baby boomers age.  Perfect for singles also as they provide community living and security. 

Do you have some money to invest? 

 Be the first one to find the deals the moment they hit the MLS!

Mortgages, Credit, and Costs


Mortgages, what you need to know!

I have taken extra training in mortgages, and investments.  If you need to ask questions or want to know what your options are, please call. I also can recommend a mortgage specialists that can help you decide how you want to borrow money. Being pre qualified first is to your advantage. Let me explain why. 


What does it cost?

Having open and truthful conversations about all the cost involved, is a good place to start. Legal fees, land transfer tax, commission, and other fees should not be a surprise. Know the costs in our first conversation, up front and honest. 


Credit Score, the good, bad and ugly!

What is a credit score?  What can you do to improve it? If your score is bad, how can you fix it fast? I work with lenders who help a variety of people. There are a number of options for each situation. 

Each situation is unique, if you have a good credit history or a bad one, we can help. 

What's in it for YOU ?



Work in confidence and know your rights. When you have a relationship with a Realtor, you are entitled to many things. 

I will help protect your interests, and also provide you with all the advantages of inside information, data, sold values, and negotiating advantages I have learned over the years.  

Your goals!


I am happy to tell you this is about you. You are the client, buyer or seller, your needs are first. I will do my best to give you information, and guidance.

If you are interested in getting your real estate problems solved, I am committed to finding the solution. 



Real Estate is a complicated industry. It helps to have valuable knowledge to avoid costly mistakes and gain profitable advantages. Our ability to work together to achieve outcomes that you would not be able to do alone is TEAMWORK! 

 Call me to tap into my over 30 years of working in Real Estate,  construction, renovations and sales, let's work together! 

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Call or email anytime, I check and return messages daily. 

Thank you for viewing my site, I am here to help my valued past clients and future ones, with ethics and honestly.

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