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  • My goal is to provide winning solutions for my clients. 
  • In this process, I  protect them from costly mistakes!
  •   My career has included, home construction, home renovation, foundation certification, mortgage licence, selling furnaces, air conditioners, roof repairs, home additions, used homes, new homes, condos, investment properties, multi family, vacant land, and farms.
  • Licensed Mortgage originator. 
  • Network with the best professionals in Winnipeg.
  • Ask about special offers on mortgages, home inspections, lawyers fees, and movers.
  • Coupons and contacts, save time and money! 
  • Since 1998. 




  • What location? 
  • What are your needs? 
  • What is your budget? 
  • What is the best solution to your problem? 
  • What purchase will bring you the most profit long term?
  • Contact me, I have been helping since 1998. 



  • What is your home worth? 
  • What is the most convenient way? 
  • When is the best time of year to sell? 
  • What is the neighbourhood value? 
  • Contact me, I have been helping since 1998.



  • What are your needs? 
  • Do you have time or money or both ? 
  • Do you understand sweat equity?
  • Do you know the projected gains and risks? 
  • Investment short term, or long term? 
  • Contact me, I have been helping since 1998.


Mortgages, and Lenders!

  • I work with financial institutions daily. 
  • I have mortgage specialist that keep me informed and updated on market changes and special rates. 
  • Do you want to make sure to get the best deal on a mortgage? 
  • Call me, I have the contacts to save you money on a mortgage!


How much? Why so much!

  • Legal fees, land transfer tax, commission, moving costs, and other fees should not be a surprise. 
  • I have the information you need to prevent loss. 
  • Do you need a lawyer, who deals with Real Estate transactions on a daily basis? 
  • Call me I have the contacts to save you time and money!, 


Credit Score, are you a Pass or Fail?

  • Do you know your credit score? 
  • Do you know how to improve your credit score?  
  • Make the most of the opportunities to borrow money at A+  rates and terms? 
  • Call me, I can usually save you $5000 over a 5 year term with my contacts and coupons! 


Who do you trust ?


  • Do you know your rights in Real Estate Law?  
  • Do you know what the sold values are on your street ? 
  • Do you know the areas that are growing in value?
  • Confidentiality, and privacy are the top priority! 

Your goal is ?


  • Do you have some long or short term goals? 
  • How do you take advantage of my skills and experience to get to your goals sooner? 
  • Got a Real Estate Problem?Together we can find a solution! 

Alone or Together?


  • There is simply too much to risk by doing this alone. 
  • Together we can construct a plan for success. 
  • Let my experience help you avoid expensive mistakes. 
  • My goals are to protect and provide my clients with the best possible outcomes. 

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(204) 995-5777

Realtor, Home Advisor, Negotiator, Problem Solver. 

Gwen Bryson, Realtor. 

Key-Move Realty Ltd. 

1767 Main St.

Winnipeg Manitoba R2V 1Z8

Key-Move Office, 204-339-1662

My cell phone. 204-995-5777 

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Our Partners