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I have built a home, renovated, sold foundation repairs, roofs, windows and doors, furnaces and air conditioners, and hot water heaters. I have also worked at a licensed mortgage broker, I feel I am one of the best qualified realtors to help. Call me for my insight and experience. 


Lets start by talking about my " CMS" Collaborative Marketing System. All information if open book. See the facts, and statical information that help you get your home sold. Lets talk about commission, and fees and see how we can save time and money.

Condos, Homes, Investment?

Condos are a great investment. very little maintenance, and expected to go up in value in the next few years, as the majority of the population ages. Traditional home rental investment? Lots of deals here too for the handyman investor, call me for more info. 

Mortgages, Credit, and Costs

Mortgages, what you need to know!

I have taken extra training in mortgages, and investments.  If you need to ask questions or want to know what your options are, please call. I have a few mortgages specialists that can help you decide how you want to borrow money. Such a big investments deserves  professional attention to the details.  

What does it cost?

Do you know about terms, amortization, loan to value ratios, and gross and total debt service rates? Let me help you understand how to get the best deals when borrowing money. Conversation is good! Fees and other set up costs. I believe is it best to know before hand.  This is your money, you will want to know how to make it work for you. 

Credit Score, the good, bad and ugly!

What is a credit score?  What can you do with it? If your score is bad, how can you fix it fast? I work with lenders who help a variety of people. There are a number of options for each situation. Each situation is unique, if you have a good credit history or a bad one, we can help. Turn your expenses into investments with ownership, the sooner the better! 

What's in it for YOU ?


I don't have any silly sales comebacks to your questions. I work collaboratively with my clients. I have a strong broker team and together we have over 50 years of Real Estate Experience!

Elite Real Estate Inc. and Elite Property Management Inc. 3078 Portage Ave. Wpg Mb. Here to help you get ahead! 

Your goals!

Have you taken the time to write your your goals? Is home ownership one of them? What about investing in real estate, using it to build your personal wealth? If you want to own, or invest, I can help. Lets talk about your options and the numbers. With my factual statistics, you will be better informed to make the decisions that can change your life. 



What is teamwork. The ability to work together to achieve outcomes that you would not be able to do alone. I believe, with my skills and experience, we can achieve more. Real Estate is a complicated industry, and it helps to have information to avoid problems and gain advantages. Call me to tap into my over 30 years in working in homes, construction, and sales. 

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